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Aion Cheating Overview,
Automated farming software is the dominant way and indeed the preferred one of most Aion players. This for the very simple reason that if you want to level a 2nd or 3rd character using another class, this is the time-effective way of doing things that won’t cost you parts of your life. – Let’s say for example your main is a warrior DPS, but your guild needs a Priest Healers or Warrior Tank any you have to level another character to max level and get raid gear. So what do you do? You either spend another 600h leveling and grinding for good gear or you use a bot to do it for you. It is sad that many MMO games demand so much time of you, but it is the sad truth. Scripts can essentially do all the repetitive and simple tasks, like questing, farming mobs, selling junk ect. Your average bot will be able to get you to max level pretty quickly and farm a nice amount of gold and items in the process without you having to do much more than keep an eye on it. Another cheating method in Aion is the use of hacks that can screw with the game physics a lot and allow you to travel great distances at the click of a button, fly longer and faster, run faster, clip through terrain and similar stuff. Finally, exploits are probably the most overpowered way of getting around the rules. Exploits are essentially the use of bugs in order to gain an advantage. Duplicating items, farming bugged mobs, selling at bugged prices, killing huge bosses using exploits ect. It is all possible, if you find a bug that most other people do not know about. – And that others don’t know is actually the most important thing about the use of exploits, since if they do, then the developers will know about it too quite soon any you may be in danger. – So do NOT, repeat; do not use public exploits if you want to keep your account.

Aion Cheat

 Aion Automated Farming Software

Farming bots are basically just a piece of software that reads your games memory in order to locate you in the Aion world. After that the bot can use the traditional game controls to maneuver your character through the world, fight mobs, do quests and perform some other simple actions. There are bots that specialize in simply farming mobs for loot and XP and others that can gather, craft, vendor items, do spy missions and similar. If you are looking to mainly farm mobs to level up quickly, make sure that you either choose a tanky class or one that has significant heals or get some appropriate gear to help your survivability. When running any automated farming program it is also important to make sure that it does not get stuck on terrain for too long, since that is indeed a dead giveaway for the fact that you are a bot user and people that see you in that way are likely to report you sooner or later. Also you should make sure that your bot never runs for more than maybe 14-16h per day. Everyone knows that even gamers with no life need some time to sleep and eat and if your account is online and farming 24h a day, then chances are you are a cheater and will get banned. While this kind of cheat is impossible to detect through software means, they can be detected by observing a player and the last thing you want is to get reported and be looked at by a game moderator.

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 Aion Hacks – What is possible? What is impossible?

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First it needs to be said pretty clearly: There are no hacks/generators/adders or any other kind of software that can give you unlimited health, money (Kinah), Coins, NCoins, items, Profession levels or anything of that sort. – This is an online game and all the important data concerning you account is not on your PC, but on the NCsoft servers where you have no access. Therefore, there is no “program” that can change these values in any way. Anyone claiming to offer you this kind of cheat is trying to scam you.