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Angry Birds Rio Speed, Scope & Burst Hack Generator

Angry Birds Rio is another really fun and addicting game that will require you to use skill and concentration to get through the levels. In Angry Birds Rio, you will need to use the scope, speed, and TNT drops to get you past levels, but these items cost real money to purchase in the app store.

If you do not want to spend money in the app-store getting these items, then you need to download HackCrackInjectorAngry Birds Rio Hack Generator. This hack generator will give you all of the speed, scopes, and TNT you need to get you past these annoying levels for free. The hack is completely free to download and completely safe to run on both iOS and Android devices.

You will find the options menu as soon as you load up the Angry Birds Rio hack tool, as pictured below, and the instructions are also easy to follow.


It will take about 30 seconds to download the Angry Birds Rio hack tool, then it will automatically start installing on your device. Simply choose which device you are playing Angry Birds Rio on, such as Android or iOS, then you will be able to type in the amounts of speed, TNT, and scopes that you want to add to your game.

Once you have filled out that information, you will be able to click “Start” and the hack tool will begin working, which should take no longer than a minute to complete. Once that is completed simply open the Angry Birds Rio game, and you will see the TNT, scopes, and speed that you added to your account appear for you to use. It’s really that simple, and this stops you from needing to spend any real money acquiring these items through the app store.

Cheats & Tips

In Angry Birds Rio, like many other Angry Birds game, there are online walkthroughs for all levels and stages. If you are stuck in a particular level, you can always try Googling them and Youtube video gameplays will show up. Due to the large amount of levels in this game, 320 levels, I cannot provide guides and tips for each and every one individually. However, I can provide some general tips for this game.


In Angry Birds Rio, you would like to zoom out of the game as far as possible. This is to enable that you see everything on the field, all the obstacles! Also when you aim, you can also retract your aim by pausing the game. If you move the bird backwards, it will hit backwards. Always do trial and error, but watch out for the amount of birds you have left. Every time you aim a bird at the monkeys, they will leave a guide for you. There will be a white dotted line where it will show you exactly where you hit last time. If you use these to base your game wins on, you will succeed 80% of the time. If you see that you cannot pass a certain level, you can always switch to another location in the game and start from there. This will clear your head and also give you a new perspective.

Always remember that since this is a puzzle game, there’s always a solution for it! Nothing is impossible!

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Angry Birds Rio Speed DOWNLOAD links with updater(s)
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