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Are there any actual ways of Cheating in BF4?
Yes, there are. The use of certain visual mods can allow you to see opponent through walls and auto-aim scripts can program your PC to aim and shoot for you. There are also some smaller exploits that are less popular.However, there are NO god mode, ammo adders, rank hacks, weapon unlockers or similar.

Is it legal to break Game Rules and will I get Banned for doing so BF4 hack?
Cheating in video games is not a criminal offense. Yes, you can get banned if you either decide to be the annoying kind of cheater that kills the whole enemy team or if you are using outdated software. If you are being an antisocial prick of a cheater, people will report you and you will hopefully be banned for ever. – So don’t be like that.

How much do BF4 Cheats cost?
A price ranging from 10$ to 20$ per month can be expected for an average subscription to a quality provider. Higher quality usually also means more features and more security.


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Battlefield 4 Aimbots
Aimbots are, just like the name implies, scripts or bots that will automatically aim for you and in many cases do all the shooting as well. They are commonly activated by pressing hotkey, in some cases holding down a certain hotkey will activate the aimbot. Aimbots are the most effective and also most hated kind of cheat around in Battlefield 4 and other Multiplayer FPS games. Where ever an aimbot is used excessively, people are sure to be annoyed, which is why aimbots should be used with caution and without excess. Most aimbots are able to headshot up to 10 enemies per second and in games with realistic projectile penetration physics, one single bot is able to totally dominate a whole server until ammo runs out.

An exactly because these hacks are able to shut down whole servers, these kinds of hacks are going to get you banned very fast, if used incorrectly. I recommend only using aimbots for fractals of seconds before disabling again, as to not let people get suspicious. However, a lot of people that are using aimbots, just want to see the world burn, use them without caution and end up setting themselves and anyone else using the same hack on fire instead.


BF4 Trigger Bots
Trigger bots for Battlefield 4 are a lot safer than aimbots, since they do not do any aiming for you. All a trigger bot does is detect if an enemy is in your crosshairs and if so, triggers your weapon to fire. This kind of cheat is a lot harder to detect for anyone watching you play, since I could very much be possible that you just have some insane reflexes and are not using hacks at all. I would always pick a trigger bot over an aimbot when playing BF4 or any other FPS, simply because it is a lot safer and does not annoy everyone else as much. Trigger bots are especially effective when used along with marksman or sniper rifles on medium distance, but less so at high distances due to the bullet travel time. However, most effective is a trigger bot in close quarters combat when used on a shotgun, allowing you to get a lot of easy one shot kills. But as always: Be careful, respect the players on the other team and the game itself.

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ESP Hacks (Extrasensory Perception)
ESP hacks basically display data for you that in an unhacked Battlefield 4 game would not be visible to you. These can be things like player names, player health, player class, player positions, distance and so on. The most common one is the enemy player position on the map. So that basically means that you know where the enemy is no matter if you have UAV support or not and that is certainly a huge advantage to have in BF4. ESP hacks do work because even though the game does not display information like the position of all enemies to you, their position is still being stored in your game memory (RAM) and can be extracted and shown to you in various forms. There are also 2D ESP hacks that will either display all the enemy players on your game map or on a custom map, allowing you to track enemies outside your field of vision.


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BF4 Wallhacks

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