Bubble Witch Saga Free Hack


Bubble Witch Saga Free Hack for Lives and Coins

If you are familiar with Candy Crush Saga, then you have probably heard of Bubble Witch Saga, which was developed by the same company King. Well, while Bubble Witch Saga is addicting, you probably are not aware you need coins and lives in this game to continue playing without interruption. You can purchase lives and coins in the App Store, but this costs real money, and that means it will get expensive quickly.

If you are looking for a way to keep playing without in-app purchases, you need to download the HackCrackInjectorhack for lives and coins, which is free and works with Android and iOS devices.

If you look at the picture found below, you will see how the user interface for the hack is setup, and it’s really easy to use no matter which device you are running the game on.


After you download the Bubble Witch Saga hack, it will take about 30 seconds to automatically install, and then you just need to select which device you are using, such as Android or iOS. You will then be able to enter the amount of coins and lives that you want to add to your account. Press “Start” to begin the hack process, and that should take no longer than one minute depending on the speed of your connection.

You will then be able to open Bubble Witch Saga as you normally would, and there you will find the coins and lives that you added with the free hack tool. You can add as many coins and lives as you want as many times as you want, which means you can literally play the game forever without needing to ever purchase anything from the App Store, which means you are saving a lot of time and money by downloading this hack today!

Unique Cheats & Tips

In Bubble Witch Saga, there are several cheats and tips one can give! The first tip is “How to get unlimited free lives.” You’ve run out of lives, don’t want to pay for in app purchases, so do you wait? Of course you can, but you can just go to your device setting and change the time according to how long each live revives. This is a bug on Bubble Witch Saga part, but it is a time glitch that you can take advantage of. Once you play Bubble Witch Saga consecutively for several days in a row, they will present you a Wish of Precision for 24 hours free. If you miss one day and this resets, then you can just do the time glitch mentioned above to trick the system into thinking you’ve logged in for 2 days already.

Although the main goal of Bubble Witch Saga is to clear all the bubbles, you would like keep as many bubbles as you can. This means, clear the stage without using a lot of the bubbles. Another tip is that if you are stuck on a bubble, where none of the current bubbles on the bottom row matches the bubble you have on hand, you can swap it in the cauldron. This doesn’t cost you any in game currency or have any penalty so do it carefree!

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Bubble Witch Saga Free Hack DOWNLOAD links with updater(s)
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