Cheats in Blade & Soul

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Cheats in Blade & Soul
The cheats include teleportation, speed, flying,  farming and trigger/combat cheats. These cheats are used to make leveling and making money in the game faster and easier. There are also cheats that enable you to move items between inventory and bank faster, also ones that allow you to sell your items instantly. Cheating is quite common in MMO games and for a reason – it makes the high-level gameplay easier and faster. Different exploits are also possible within the game. For example item duplication.




Blade & Soul farming bots and movement cheats
The bots in Blade & Soul are similar to the ones used in other MMO games. They are automated programs that use Your account in order to do the things that would take a lot of real time automatically. For example, they can be used for leveling You character and gathering the resources required.

The movement cheats (teleportation, flying, speed) make You character move in a way that would be  impossible for a regular player. You can teleport across the map, go faster than other players. It is also possible to hover in air or keep flying as long as You like. The flying cheat allows to use the NoClip feature as well and can be used to go through walls and other objects.




Money hacks in Blade & Soul
There are a lot, and I repeat, a lot of people claiming to have a hack for giving You unlimited funds or experience points in the game. Some values of the game cannot be changed from within the user side and would break the game completely if they could be changed. Those values – money, experience, tokens – can only be changed from the server, where the game is running and everyone telling You otherwise should not be trusted.



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