Die in 100 Ways 2016

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Kick the bucket in 100 Ways Hack for Coins, All Minigames, Unlimited Lives, and All Levels Unlock 2016

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About Die in 100 Ways

On a first sight, you may locate this game shockingly comparable in style and game mechanics to certain different titles, particularly Dumb Ways to Die. That game is most likely among the first ones to change the class of these kind of recreations, and Die in 100 Ways nearly emulates its example.

Of course, the game is developed completely of minigames, every portraying an alternate circumstance one of the four individuals from the game’s family are in. Your objective in each minigame or circumstance is to ensure the relative makes due, as Death himself is striving to inspire them to meet their destruction. For instance, in one of the minigames the kid is being tossed darts at, and inability to catch them with the darts board will bring about an early going for him. In another case the mother is ice skating, however in the event that you neglect to tap the screen at the demonstrated times, it will make her miss a stage and fall into the frosty lake.

There are around 12 opened minigames before all else of Die in 100 Ways, and tapping begin will arbitrarily dole out them to you, consistently. Effectively finishing numerous minigames will bring about a level up, which implies that future minigames in the same round will get to be harder. Things may move speedier, for example, when you have ensure the young lady doesn’t get hit by lightning, the lightning will strike quicker than at first. In different cases the minigames turn out to be longer or more confounded, as when the father needs to hurried to the can, and you need to open numerous entryways in succession to give him access. Once stepped up, there will be more ways to obstruct your direction.

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