Drive Ahead! Hack for Coins & All Packs

Drive Ahead! Hack for Coins & All Packs.

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Drive Ahead! Hack

Download our Drive Ahead! hack from our site. It should take 30 seconds to download. After it downloads, it will take another 30 seconds to install. Make sure you choose Android or iOS. The packs will automatically be set to unlock, but you’ll need to enter how many coins you want. Don’t worry about filling out any surveys for the Drive Ahead! hack tool — it’s totally free.

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About Drive Ahead!

The gameplay of Drive Ahead! is pretty simple: you and an opponent are both sent into an arena, either chosen by you or randomly. In here a battle starts immediately, and you get to control your car with the left and right buttons on the screen. This is all there is to the controls, going forward and backwards with these buttons, while the computer controlled opponent does the same. Now, each arena is differently laid out, and there are bumps, obstacles, explosive mines and other things to change the course of the cars’ movement. Using the environment and smart movement, your job is to manage to hit your opponent’s head using your car or a part of the environment.


The trick lies in the fact that each arena varies greatly and each car does as well. There are 80 cars found overall, but a few examples are as follows: the garbage truck, school bus, go-kart, ghost car, skeleton bicycle, shark car or just a teacup. Each of these vehicles have different shapes, and therefore some might have sharp edges that are perfect to hit the opponent’s head with, while others might be big enough to avoid blows from lowrider vehicles.

The 59 arenas of Drive Ahead! are also highly different from eachother: some have water, others have falling trash, spinning blades, UFOs, wrecking balls or the whole arena just rotates constantly. Combine this with the high range of possible vehicles to use, and each battle is vastly different! All maps also utilize a “sudden death” effect, which occurs after around 10 seconds spent in the arena, while both cars are still standing. These effects include rising water, meteor showers or closing in sawblades. The first one to get hit by these effects is the loser in this case.

There are three modes of Drive Ahead! to go crazy in, including Classic, Mission and King of the Hill. Classic mode is just about winning rounds over your opponent, and gaining stars for each won round. The one who reaches five stars first is the winner. This mode can also be played with a real life friend controlling the other car from the same phone screen. Then there are the Missions, where you get to choose between themed maps, each having a challenge. Challenges might ask you to defeat two enemies or last 10 seconds, for example.

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The next challenge can only be started after a cooldown period has passed, or you might watch an optional ad to unlock it immediately. The third mode, King of the Hill is all about survival, and you have to stay alive in a map, while hitting the head of any opponent that spawns in. Depending on how many enemies you defeated, you get a highscore in the end.


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Lastly, the game also has a gambling aspect, in the form of the Casino. The Casino is made up of a single slot machine, which costs at least 100, and at most 500 coins to play. Each spin on the machine has a chance indicated above it to win, which goes lower the less you bet. The payout can be cars, maps or driver helmets useable in the game afterwards, while they also get added to your collection. To get coins for the machine, you can earn them by simply playing the game, or you can decide to watch optional ads for 30 coins each.