Fallout Pip Boy with Fallout 4

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How-To Use Fallout Pip Boy with Fallout 4 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Note: If you are at this section, I assume you already installed the app on your device and you have turned on the game on your desired platform.

Steps required to get the app running:

  1. You must make sure that your gaming device and your smartphone/tablet are connected on the same network (same Wi-Fi address).
  2. You must enable the app from the game’s options menu. In order to do that, you must pause Fallout 4, enter the settings and turn on “Pip-Boy App Enabled”. A restart of the game is recommended.
  3. While you wait for the game to restart, open the Fallout Pip Boy from your device.
  4. Select your platform from the app and wait for the match. If for some reason this doesn’t happen, refresh the app. If still there is no connection, make sure you do all the steps again.
  5. Enjoy Fallout 4 and your brand new Pip-Boy.


Helpful Tricks

  • Make sure you keep your charger close. The app will drain your battery quickly and you would not want to lose your pip-boy right when you need it the most.
  • The app records all your progress and if you start it in offline mode you can see most of your progress. This feature can prove useful when you want to brag to your offline friends.
  • If you encounter any mini-games during your adventures in Fallout 4, you can play those ‘holotapes’ right on your smartphone. It works in offline mode as well.


  • You can keep the app opened on the map screen and you can track your movement without needing to pause the game again and again.

  • If you are not a fan of the “quick access interface” in-game, you can always use your Fallout Pip-Boy app to shift between your weapons or to get faster some goodies.
  • If you have a Smartwatch, you can always transform your Pip-Boy in a Pip-Watch. That is a pretty cool trick if you ask me.

Bonus Trick: If your significant other or any of your relatives/friends play the game and they don’t currently use the Pip-Boy App, you can play a lot of pranks of them. For example, you can equip random weapons while they play or you can turn on the radio on a very tense situation. Sit back and enjoy.

PS: I am not to be held responsible for the injuries you may receive from an angry Fallout disrupted player.

Fallout Pip-Boy Review

I don’t appreciate the term ‘fanboy’ but ultimately that’s what I am when I talk about Fallout. I played every single game or version of this franchise and I still love it no matter how bugged or outdated it seems. Naturally, anything related with Fallout will always intrigue me and so does this app.


This extension of the Pip Boy from the game to a smartphone is a joy to behold for me and I will try to explain, objectively, why I think is great addition to Fallout 4. Don’t worry, I will talk about what is wrong about it as well. Probably the most amazing thing I encountered with Fallout Pip-Boy is the total absence of lag between the app and the game. Your actions are instantly done no matter how tricky you try to be. I believe that is quite unexpected.

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📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2