Famousgram (All Versions Till Patch)

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Ok…. Let me just say…. Sorry for those that got mad for the “$10 Psn card for a fix thing” lol. I didn’t know that you guys actually thought I was serious. But here I am to share it to the world.

~~SORRY TO MRbob and the sinful community~~

-First take in mind this app is kinda “useless or should I say slow.”
-Second… You are going to have “order failed” a lot but it’s fine.
-Third… There isn’t a third. (Comment #yolo if you actually read that)

>>Now let’s get started!<<
>This fixes the “Order Failed” Problem found in Famousgram!
>I will also teach you a way to set the amount of coins you want!

What You Need:
>Flex 2 (for coins)

1. Go ahead and check if you have that problem.
2. If you do head to instagram and Chang your Instagram username.
3. Go back. Log out. Log in.
4. Order followers. Worked? yeah I was surprised when I found out with simple trial and error.
5. Banned again? Aww it’s fine change ur username again!
6. Well? Yep… Back to normal…
7. You can simply change back you your regular username once you’re satisfied.

Want more coins than 200? I did too… So I used flex to make a patch myself to see if it would work and wadda you know? It did…… DO NOT PURCHASE THE HACK FROM the airMAX repo!!! I WILL TELL YOU THAT RIGHT NOW! Because this hack works for all of the apps made by Famousgram (dong something)

1. Add a new patch
2. Find Famousgram (comments) (likes)
3. Now add a new unit in it and choose to execute (FamousGram)
4. Now do a search in the search bar.
5. SEARCH : Balance

6. Select -(int) balanceCoins and setBalanceCoins: (int)
7. Now change them to your liking of number…. (Be creative! 1,000,000? 1,000? 69,690?)
8. Now select and apply the patch.
9. Now go get some likes, follows, or comments.

2(two) Download Links Available:
Android & iOS Backup Download

Optimized Famousgram (All Versions Till Patch) download by running their own INSTALLER, without the need of external software.
2(two) Download Links Available:
For Windows & Mac Android & iOS