Fantasica Hack for MobaCoin

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Fantasica Hack for MobaCoin, Luna & Ally Points

You might be sitting at home playing Fantasica? If you are, then you know that mobacoin, luna, and ally points are essential to the game. You can get these items through the app store, but it will cost you real money, and this gets expensive really quick. Due to how popular the game is, we have decided to add a Fantasica hack to our database, which gives you unlimited mobacoin, luna, and ally points.

Look at the image below to see how the Fantasica hack tool works. Just enter the amount of mobacoin, luna, and ally points that you want to add to your account using the options menu.


Simply download the Fantasica hack right here from our website, which takes about 20 seconds to download. You will notice it automatically installs afterward, which should take about 30 seconds or less. Then, select either Android or iOS, and you can then enter the amounts of mobacoin, luna, and ally points that you want to add to your gaming account.

Tap “Start” to begin the Fantasica hack tool, and this takes less than 40 seconds to complete. After that has finished, you can simply open up the app on your device, and you will notice the mobacoin, luna, and ally points have been added to your account.

Fantasica Cheats and Tips

In order to make a couple more friends in Fantasica, you will be able to trade ids with each other in order to add each other to the game. By adding someone strong to your friends list, you will be able to use their heroes when it comes to fighting off the monsters in the battle. If you get someone strong from someone else’s party, that battle will be a lot easier. You also have the ability to trade with other users who add you. You can select which monster or monsters that you are willing to trade for the monster that you want from your friend. This trading system is a little bit outdated because the only thing you can do is offer the trade without any context or anything like that.


Another tip for Fantasica is to make sure that you are logging in every single day so that you can receive your free daily card as well as the bonuses that rack up for consecutive days logged in to the game. This means that if you log in for several days on end, you will receive better rewards every day after that. So as long as you are logging in every day to receive your rewards, you should be in pretty good shape in terms of how good your cards are as well as how much cash that you have.

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📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2