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Farms & Castles Hack for Gold

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Farms & Castles Background Info

The goal of this game is to go from a lowly knight into a mighty powerful emperor. In Farms & Castles you can also compete against your other friends on the leaderboards, talk to each other and see on the ranks who is the greatest ruler. When you add your friends in Farms & Castles, you can trade a variety of different goods and purchase magic orbs to transform your very own world to your own liking. With the beautiful and high quality graphics in Farms & Castles, you will not be disappointed that you picked up this game!

SQUARE ENIX Ltd has last updated Farms & Castles on August 20, 2015. Its current version of the game is and it takes around 25mb of space to be installed onto your mobile device. To date, Farms & Castles has between 100 thousand to 500 thousand installs! This game can be played and enjoyed by every one of all ages! On the Google Play Store, Farms & Castles has a rating of 3.9 stars out of 5 star rating.

There was a total of 12 thousand people who have taken their time to rate this game, and 6 thousand people out of 12 thousand people have all agreed that Farms & Castles is an amazing game and gave it a full rating of 5 stars. SQUARE ENIX Ltd is the company behind many popular and innovative games. Their games include Hitman: Sniper, Lara Croft: Relic Run, Tomb Raider, Smoothie Swipe, and Hitman GO. SQUARE ENIX Ltd offers in app products to be purchased in Farms and Castles. The minimum purchase costs $0.99 and it goes to as high as $6.99 per item.

The unique part of Farms and Castles is that none of the popular and hit puzzle games out right now includes a solid story or any of the castle, tower, and rocks puzzle solving. In Farms and Castles, there is actually a goal and not an endless game about chasing one monster or evil sorceress to defeat. The trees and rocks, as well as the magic orbs in Farms and Castles all play an important role in this game.

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