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The release of Fifa 14 is getting closer and here is my wishlist for the new fifa:FIFA 14 Xbox One Free Working Keygen Installing

1) Warm-up players before substitution
– It would be realistic if players could be affected in their performance as far as reaction and endurance if they were not to get a proper and full warm up before being subbed in. An indicator can be displayed when the player is fully-ready; however, they may be subbed in cold, but optimal performance will be compromised. This feature could be added to difficulty levels World-class and Legendary. Also, when players are warming up, it would be fantastic if we an actually see them warming up on the side line. They wouldn’t have to be doing anything advanced, just simple trotting, side-to-side shuffling, high knees, butt-kickers with hands, etc. 

2) Quick-time subs toggle come up after 60-90-120 mins of play during throw-in.
– I believe this feature would not only simplify making substitutions, but also utilize the feature much more. I also believe it will add to the already existent dimension of late game changing strategy through substitution. Overall, the toggle button being prompted up for the team “throwing-in” the ball seems quite simple and can be similar to the switching of a free-kick/corner-kick taker. 

3) Make the experience of scoring a goal much more engaging!
Many times goals are scored and all we do is just go do a celebration from a third-person perspective that never changes throughout the course of the game.
– If the user can take up the scorer’s first person perspective camer view after scoring and still have control of celebrating (alone and still with teammates) and experiencing it all with sight of the stadium’s completely thrilled atmosphere (at least for the first 1, 2 and 3 goals of advantage over the opponent since those are the most critical and exciting), I am sure that users will get a much more thrilling experience overall. For next-gen, innovation is definitely something that fans are demanding for supporting a successful franchise, and by allowing players to step into the shoes of a soccer player after scoring, I cannot see how anyone would be disappointed. After the first two or three goals of advantage, we can then return to the traditional camera angles. Opponents may be in the standard camera angle at all times. 

4) Game-day/Home-team atmosphere!
– rumbles on the controller after scoring the first goals over opponent/tying goals
– chanting improved (crowd chanting the name of the scorer during celebration or shortly after – could be in syllables)

FIFA 14 Xbox One Free Working Keygen Installing

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