Game of Thrones Ascent Hack


Game of Thrones Ascent Hack for Gold & Silver

If you are playing Game of Thrones Ascent, then you know that there are in-game items you can purchase to help you through the game. These items include gold and silver, but these purchases cost real money, and this gets expensive really quickly. This is why has put out a free hack tool, which you can use on both Android and iOS to get unlimited amounts of gold and silver for free.

Look at the picture below to see how the Game of Thrones Ascent hack generator options menu is setup, which is really easy to use, and it is completely safe for your device.

Game of Thrones Ascent Hack

Simply download the Game of Thrones Ascent hack tool, which takes about 30 seconds, and the hack generator automatically installs, which also takes about 30 seconds. You will need to choose which device you are using, either iOS or Android. You can then input how much gold and silver you want to add to your account.

Click β€œStart” to begin the hack generator once you are ready, which takes about 1 minute to complete. Once the tool has finished working, all you have to do is open up Game of Thrones Ascent on your device, and you will see that the items have been added to your account. You can then use these items to help you through Game of Thrones Ascent, and you can come back and use the hack tool as many times as you would like.

Game of Thrones Ascent Cheats and Tips

Even with an advisor, strategy and a working knowledge of Game of Thrones Ascent will be the deciding factors in whether you will succeed in becoming a great power within Westeros, or just another beggar Lord. Luckily for you, we have a guide to get you started on the right foot.

Stats and Specialization

When playing Game of Thrones Ascent, you will continually have to make decisions on your course of action based on your stats. For each stat, there are three actions that are more effective when the corresponding stat is raised. Your main three stats are Battle, Trade, and Intrigue.

Battle- High Battle stats increase the effectiveness of Fight, Harass, and Aid.Trade- High Trade stats increase the effectiveness of Barter, Swindle, and Bribe.
Intrigue- High Intrigue stats increase the effectiveness of Spy, Sabotage, and Steal.

For example, if you had high Trade stats, you’d mostly complete missions by using Barter, Swindle, and Bribe; using any other actions would reduce your chances of successfully completing the quest. Because of this, you should always strive to focus on one single area of expertise to ensure victory in all of your endeavors to focus your powers. Your sworn swords will also have special stats that effect your strengths and weaknesses, so make sure to train your sworn swords into specialization; this will increase the effectiveness of the actions corresponding to the stat you specialize in (Battle, Trade, or Intrigue).

After your avatar reaches level 5, you will gain one talent point for every level achieved from then on. Talent points increase the strength or effectiveness of some actions, similar to how increasing your stats will cause certain actions to become more effective. Utilize these talent points wisely, as they do not come often.

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