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Gun Simulator Hack

About Gun Simulator

Gun Simulator is a game that is split up into two different play modes, and it also features a Shop where players can buy new guns and upgrade already owned ones. Let’s talk about the game modes first, and then cover the Shop.

The first mode you can play is called Task Mode, and it’s the closest thing you get to a story. Task Mode is a series of missions, separated into six chapters, with 10 task in each. You start with the first task in chapter one, and future chapters only get unlocked once you fully completed the previous 10 tasks in the earlier chapter. These tasks usually ask you to shoot a set number of targets, get a certain score, clear a level of all targets or save hostages by only shooting terrorist targets near them.


Each task also has secondary tasks, such as “get 5 headshots” or “don’t miss targets more than 3 times”. Finishing the main task is enough to get past the level, but completing the two secondary tasks will get you two extra stars for your rating on the level, up to three stars overall. A better star rating then means more ingame money earned as the level reward.

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But wait a moment, how does the shooting gameplay look in Gun Simulator, anyway? You are right to ask that, and I’m going to answer right now! The gameplay is not as complicated as you might expect as first, as there are only a few controls to keep in mind. The most important controls include the camera control, which is done by moving your finger on the left side of the screen. Shooting is done by tapping the shoot button on the right side of the screen, and a separate button above this is used to reload your current gun.

📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2

Some levels also move you around the shooting range, usually to close in on targets and get a new perspective on them, but you can’t move on your own. Targets always look like typical ‘terrorists’, and some of them have more health than others, but their healthbar is not indicated anywhere. Targets can also move certain distances back and forth to make it harder to hit them, as well as disappear after a while, if you were too slow to shoot them.