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Half-Life 2 : MMod – Patch 1.3 Release!

Half-Life 2 : MMod – Patch 1.3 Release!

It’s been almost a year since first release, time sure flies by fast.

In this jolly spooky holiday season, I’m happy to bring Half-Life 2 : MMod 1.3 under your Christmas tree pumpkin?, Uhh, anyway, I’m here to announce first and last big patch for Half-Life 2 : MMod V1, yes, you heard me right, Half-Life 2 : MMod V2 will be a thing in a distant future, hopefully not after 9 years again.

Before we go into details, I’d like to thank everyone, and I mean EVERYONE who made any sort of content for MMod V1, be it a video, awesome weapon reskin, brand new custom weapon or even a stream, you guys conquered my heart, as a mod maker this is the highest level of gratitude I could ever get. When your work inspires someone to make something for their creation, that is something I strive for every time I sit down and spend hours upon hours, sometime even years creating things for people to enjoy. I’d also want to thank Fooltaurus, KrIsCrEeP and sgor00 for sticking with me for so long ( and willing to continue ) despite all my bullshit and horrific schedules. From the bottom of my heart – Thank You.

I also want to thank Agent Agrimar a little bit more personally now. He contacted me, by himself, after the initial release, trying to save the sinking ship that HL2MMod v1.0 was, he came through with a life saving coding help and suggestions that helped MMod support several games at once, without having to spawn several gigabytes of cloned files. Basically his “content mounting system”, as I like to call it, saved the day right when I needed it most. I REALLY want you to check out his personal project, Half-Life 2 : Plus, which aims to modify the usual Half-Life 2 experience with small additions, tweaks, and changes to make it not too different, not too similar. His project also adds unique “Suitless Mode” which allows player to complete the entire game without your trusty HEV suit. I’d also want to give a shout out to Team Fortress 2 : Classic , which Agent Agrimar is a part of, he’s an extremely talented coder and truly his work deserves a recognition. Also, if you’re one of them talented source engine folks, he is seeking for some help from modelling and texturing front ( proper suitless hand models, model fixes and what not ), please contact him either through his mod page, or through his profile directly, thank you!

Well, now it’s the time for the v1.3 itself! The new version of Half-Life 2 MMod bring new set of features to the games, as well as performance and compatibility enhancements. Here is much more detailed list of what’s new and what has been changed :

Additions :

Complete overhaul of Shotgun gunplay, brand new model, animations and sounds, animation timings are close to vanilla game, shotgun no longer feels sluggish and cumbersome to use.
Brand new SMG1 model, animations and sounds.
-Brand new Pistol animations and sounds.
-Better textures and shader settings for .357, Crossbow, Gravity Gun, Pistol, Shotgun, SMG1.
-Overhauled Crossbow model scope effect to appear less “painted on”.
-Sped up crossbow reload animations.
-Overhauled dynamic lights for muzzleflashes, bullet impacts and explosions, they’re now much smoother and positioned correctly.
-Added “clean” Combine Soldier skins to Half-Life 2 and Episode 1.
-Added support for proper centred ironsights.
-Added performance environmental fire particles for low-end systems.
-Brand new sounds for rocket explosions.
-Brand new sounds for explosive barrels explosions.
-Added sounds to NPC’s and props when being lit on fire.
-Added sounds to NPC’s being annihilated by Combine energy.
-Added better Annabelle sounds.
-Added better dynamic lighting for burning NPC’s and props.
-Added dynamic light and lightnings for NPC’s and props undergoing annihilation by Combine energy.
-Added brand new Main Menu with proper logo for each game.
-Added different Main Menu background music to every Main Menu background map for every game.
-Added Health and Suit icons above HEALTH and SUIT lines in Players HUD.
-Added toxic slime explosions to all explosives.
-Added lovely embers to shotgun muzzle flash.
-Overhauled AR2 Ball explosions to be less oversized, but more punchier and complex.
-Miscellaneous changes to impact, prop destruction particles and tracer effects.
-CM2013 parallax shader now accepts flashlight shadows.
-Added more CM2013 overrides.
-Upscaled EP1 citadel cloud effects.
-Upscaled commonly used smoke texture.
-Added better distant Ravenholm town cityscape card.
-Tweaked AR2 Ironsight_Fire animations.

Fixes :

-HL2MMod v1.3 has been re-coded from scratch and ported to a clean Source SDK 2013 base.
-HL2MMod v1.3 binaries are now separated into HL2 and HL2_EPISODIC, meaning much better accuracy and compatibility for all supported games and mods.
-All scripts, characters and their animations play out as they should thanks to separation of binaries.
-Complete overhaul of content mounting system, now all games should load proper files in proper order and write files to their respective directories.
-All “Node graph out of date. Rebuilding” errors should be fixed, if not – sorry.
-More fixes and better support for Cinematic Mod 2013 games, manually copying maps is no longer needed, they now mount automatically.
-HL2 Nova Prospekt Eli room softlock fixed ( alyx standing near console doing nothing ).
-HL2 Nova Prospekt Alyx no longer T-Poses ( A-Poses ) when she’s trying to reload or shoot her weapon.
-HL2 Nova Prospekt Alyx no longer blocks Combine teleport for player.
-HL2 EP1 ep1_c17_05 citizen escort no longer softlocks the game.
-Overhauled flashlight behaviour selection code.
-Fixed HL2/EP1/EP2 CM2013 Vortigaunt invisibility.
-Fixed EP1 CM2013 falling train soft lock ( cm2013 issue ).
-Fixed EP1 Combine Citadel falling debris fire effects, they no longer have weird colors.
-Fixed silent game crash which occurs every time after you exit the game.
-Fixed stuck ironsight zoom after saving/loading/dying and then respawning while in ironsights.
-Fixed stuck crossbow scope zoom after saving/loading/dying and then respawning while in zoom.
-Fixed all missiles and explosive barrels doing double/triple damage.
-Fixed Tau Cannon doing broken red glow scorch marks, replaced with burn marks.
-Fixed Tau Cannon able to play inspect animation while charging.
-Fixed hud_quickinfo and cl_new_impact_effects saving into base game, both commands replaced with hl2mmod_ alternatives.
-Fixed explosive props missing explosion effect while in shallow water.
-Fixed weapon firing animations from being cut off by idle/run/walk animations.
-Fixed Bug Bait missing throwing viewpunch. You’re welcome, Hurtmaster.
-Fixed AR2 reload animation releasing pellet holding claws while having pellet in the chamber ( they release on reload_empty ), thank you HEVcrab.
-Fixed AR2 pellet holding claws being pure white, thank you Akis_02.
-Fixed NPC/Prop burning dynamic light effect.
-A lot of miscellaneous optimizations, improvements and fixes.

I am fairly certain that I have forgotten something, so one way to check what’s new and changed is to play mod yourself c:

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2(two) Download Links Available:
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