Hay Day hack tool

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Hay Day hack tool

Hay Day is a Farming game complete with fun Farming Style Music. If you ever played Farmville, you will love Hay Day, because it has the same concept but the graphics and animation is so much better. Plus the sharing with friends is more fun.

Hay Day hack tool v1.2

When you start out you have a small farm with a couple buildings. It starts you out with a tutorial and then pretty soon you are out on your own collecting eggs from the chickens, milking the cows and sheering the sheep. I think its funny that the pigs do not die in the process of giving you bacon. They just seem to get skinny until you feed them again. The game has many humorous twists.

Game Currency:
Hay Day uses coins and diamonds as game currency. You earn Coins from completing most tasks but only earn diamonds for certain rare things or leveling up. You quickly get it that diamonds are valuable. Do not waste them early on or you will regret it, and be tempted to buy more.

Selling things:
Occasionally a random character will walk up to your farm and want to buy something. Sell it if you want to. I usually sell to everyone because you get some coins and experience and sometimes special awards.

Connecting with Friends
Connect the game with Facebook to play games with your friends. You can go to their farms and buy from their stores. I think you can even make friends with people you don’t know by visiting their farms from the newspaper ad. Once there you can either just purchase something from them or you can like their farm and or connect with them as a friend. There is a limited number of spaces for friends.

Hay Day hack tool v1.2

All in all Hay Day is an addicting and really funny game for all the lovers of simulation games. And since (to be honest) only few of us will ever dare to be a real farmers, wake up early at morning, harvest crops and feed hundreds of animals, I recommend you to try the easy way of “farm life” and play this beautiful farm simulation game. Just try it and have fun!

The goal of “Hay Day hack tool” as you probably have imagined is to:
• Produce delicious food using natural ingredients from your very own farm.
• Buy and sell your healthy, farm-fresh produce at the Farmer’s Market.
• Play and trade with your friends on Game Center and Facebook.
• Raise and care for funny farm animals with quirky personalities!
• Catch dozens of fish between harvests with just the swipe of a finger.

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