HoN Cheating

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HoN Cheating Strategies
The most common cheating method you are going to see in HoN is the zoom hack that will grant you a wider field of vision and therefore increase your situational awareness. There are also scripts that can automate a lot of in game actions and reduce your reaction times. When it comes to leveling up and farming coins, then the use of bots and alternative accounts is used. However, they are used in dozens at a time in order to queue them all up and end up in the exact same game as to avoid reporting. There have also been cases of other more serious cheats being used in the past, such as drop and disconnect cheats that would enable almost anyone to easily win a game, but those seem to have been patched quite a while ago. Cheating in Heroes of Newerth has become increasingly difficult as the game has maybe lost a bit of its popularity, but it is still possible indeed.




HoN Scripting and Action Bots
Scripts are essentially programs that allow you to automate certain input in order to decrease your reaction time, combat effectiveness, kiting, aim and so on. Scripts can be used to automatically unleash a whole spell rotation and ultimate upon your foes and can also perform more complex tasks, such as dodging using mobility spells and similar. Advanced laning scripts will also be able to last-hit creeps and deny them automatically. However, these scripts usually need to be configured with your hero’s attack range, ability ranges, cooldowns and so on. Scripts can also automatically heal you, buy items, order your courier and a lot more. The main purpose of using scripts is to have more time to focus on the action and not having to worry with certain input. – Therefore you will not need as high of an APM in order to perform just as well as players with a very high APM. Scripting is undetectable by any software and very hard to detect ingame by other players. Only the most experienced HoN players will be able to tell if an action of yours was programmed or entered manually. After all the might have just had some lag or your ping may be incredibly good.




HoN Hacks and other Injected Software

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