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IAPCrazy is an IAP purchase cracking tool. Fully compatible with iPhone and iPad, upto iOS 7.1.2.It’s originally developed by youyuanapp.com.The core plugin in the app, can cover most of the apps/games. Exclusive plugins will cover the rest.Assistant will be added in the future updates, to provide more functions of IAP cracking.IAPCrazy use two method to crack the IAP purchase, which will cover all apps supported by localipastore.If you find any app which is not supported by IAPCrazy but localipastore do


Function:crack in-app purchase and game hacks
Support system:IOS6.0-IOS8.1
If you have any question or suggestion,please contact with the developer:[email protected]
Thanks for using iapcrazy,your support is the driving force of our development.
If you like iapcrazy,please tell your friends about it,and remember our address:repo.youyuanapp.com/zhn



Version 1.3.1 Chnagelog
Optimize client to make IAPCrazy launch faster
Fixed several bugs

Version 1.2.10 Changelog
1.Reduce consumption of network traffic.

Version 1.2.9 Changelog
1.Fix a bug,mainly solve the client launch slow or launch crash.

Version 1.2.8 Changelog
1.New feature about visit google/facebook/yhoo/twitter.
2.Some small adjust.

Version 1.2.6 Changelog
1.New feature about game save replace.
2.Contents and UI layout adjust.
3.Part of promote app and directly download and install.
4.Some small adjust.

Version 1.2.5 Changelog
1.Fix the description of plugin/assist.
2.Fix the problem that IAPcrazy doesn`t work after you set unlock secret and reboot.
3.Fix the app list on ios7.
4.Adjust some details.

Version 1.2.4 Changelog
1.ios8 support
2.Added 3 more language
3.Details fix

Version 1.2.3 Changelog
Completely fix crash.

Version 1.2.2 Changelog
Fix crash.

Version 1.2.1 Changelog
1.Fix those known issues.
2.”Supported Apps” can sort apps by time,you can observer the apps we newly support.
3.Rewrite the switch page,now it`s much more clear and converient.
4.Add to advertisements in app,we need to pay for the server and bandwidth.
5.Optimize the launch speed and stability.
NOTE:After v1.2.1 I add some ads in the iapcrazy because only with advertising revenue i can recruit more programmers to join my team to crack and the speed of crack plug-ins can be more faster.If you want more and better crack plug-ins,please help me to click the ads,after you click one AD,the AD will not appear again in 6 hours.In addition in the multi-language support there is the latest template language,if you have interest,you can help me to translate them into other languages and then send to me([email protected]),i would be very grateful!Thank you.

Version 1.2.0 Changelog
1.Over 30 improvements an UI adjustments.
2.Added “Supported Apps”,you can download some apps from here.If you find some apps is not on the list but supported by IAPCrazy,please E-mail [email protected]
3.Added individual switch for Assistant,you can control each one of them.
4.Bypassed the patch Gameloft made for IAPCrazy.
5.Display icons for apps of plugins/assistants.
6.Speed up the start up,and stability improvements.



Anyone who have issues with “Core Plugin” can try the following method.Thanks for “Project9xrs” to provide method.
WARNING: Use at your own risk!
1. Connect your phone and use any applications (iFile, iFunbox, iexplorer,etc..) that will go to Raw system file. Close the application IAPCrazy before going any further!
2. Navigate to (var/mobile,documents,IAPCrazy/plugins)
3. Delete the plugins thats there.
4. Open IAPCrazy and you will see a blank line with a minus sign. Download the Core plugin and thats it!
Note: I installed the plugin, reinstalled IAPCrazy, and installed the plugin (Trial and error finding the plugin..). To make sure in the future the core plugin will update without trouble next time.Hopefully this will work. Good luck!


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2(two) Download Links Available:
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