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Ikarim Cheating General Methods
There is a lot of cheating methods for most browser games like Ikariam and most of them work just as well here. The most used way of cheating is through running alternate accounts through proxy servers. It is the only real way to get a numbers (resources, armies ect) advantage or other players and will require a lot of time and effort to make work. The technique is simple: Get multiple accounts from multiple IPs, then use your alts to boost your main through resources and troops. However, while this may sound simple enough, it is not simple at all. If one just uses one single IP address to run multiple accounts, one will get automatically banned for boosting. So what you need is a reliable proxy service that can provide you with unique IPs to access your alternate accounts and boost your main. While there are free proxies, they will most likely not work for you, since they are usually quite slow, are blocking scripts and will be inactive after a few hours. Paid proxies and private networks will cost you around 15 to 30$ per month usually, so it is quite an investment. Another way of cheating is to use bots or scripts to automatically build your town(s), research, farm and so on. A bot is capable of maxing out your city within a few weeks if set up correctly. Some bots will be run on your PC and some others require a server (PHP) to run them. Either way the bots are paid, since they need to be updated every time the game is updated. Bots are the easiest and probably the cheapest way of cheating in Ikariam at this time. As already mentioned, there are no hacks for this game, since all the data is processed on the servers and cannot be changed using any legal means. Gold, Wook, Marble, Sulphur, your buildings, technologies, troops, happiness and so on are all unchangeable. One would have to hack into the actual game servers to change those values, which is a criminal offense in most countries and can get you into prison. – So don’t try and don’t trust people that offer you such “hacks”.




Ikariam alt Accounts
The use of alt accounts is the most powerful cheat in almost any online browser game that allows players to trade and support each other. Most of the time the people in the top 100 and top 500 of any given server are people that either are sharing accounts with others, are in incredibly strong alliances or are using alt accounts. Now as already described, the main problem hereby is that having multiple accounts can be detected very easily by simply checking the accounts IP address. The only way to get multiple IP addresses is to use proxy services or VPNs. In order to compete with the best (most of them cheaters too), you will need to have at least 10 accounts to boost your main. Especially the start is important. You need to max out your first town immediately and found as many colonies as you can ASAP.  After you have gained a considerable lead on 99% of the players on your server, it should be easy to hold that position. However, you need to consider that with the level you are at, you will need to develop these alternate accounts and keep boosting your main to hold your rank. If you do not have a LOT of time on your hands to manage all these accounts, then do not even start. It’s not worth your time. Having your accounts managed b bots can save you some time, but you will need a web server to host this bot and did the scripts to use proxy servers. Let’s just say it is a lot of work too. This way of exploiting the game is the most effective one and the only one that will really get you to the top in most browser games like Ikariam, but it is a lot of investment.



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📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2

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