Jewels Star Cheat/Hack

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This App is a Cheat/Hack for the Jewels Star game used to improve the change of getting a certain Jewel.

The usual probability for a specific Jewel is around 16.7%
This App will generate a bunch of seeds and try them out to find a seed with a higher probability for the desired Jewel.

Jewels Star Cheat/Hack
Jewels Star Cheat/Hack

Please note that since this App changes the average probability it may not always be possible to see perfect results at once since chance is still part of the equation.

You can’t use this App if you don’t have Jewels Star installed.

You may tab in and out during games to change the seed to favor another Jewel.
It is also preferable to just select a Jewel before you start and let it improve the gameplay overall instead of changing it back and forth.

*You may choose between six kinds of Jewels to improve.
*The probability is improved, though the generation of a certain Jewel is never assured.
*Improving the probability of one candy will of course lower the probability of the other.
*Excessive use of this App may cure the user of cancer or any other serious illness (not yet confirmed).

Upcoming features may include:
*Increase the probability above 100%.
*Possibility to sell the Jewels from the game in real life to become a millionaire.
*Download the internet to your Sd-Card.
*World Domination as In-App purchase.
*Transform yourself into a pink leprechaun that would haunt the world forever with his plethora of disease spreading flying fugu fish.

To keep the App free it may produce Ads outside of the context of the App, such as notifications or homescreen shortcuts.

Oh, if you have not figured it out yet, this is a prank App that may be used to fool your friends since it does not really change the logic of the game.

Jewels Star Cheat/Hack

📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2
📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2