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Kickerinho Cheats – Beat Your High Score

Coming off of a huge world cup celebration the new game kickerinho is making waves.  It’s been bouncing up the itunes and google play store ranking charts and looks like a winner.  So we decided to put together a post with the best kickerinho cheats available to hopefully help you break your high score!


The goal of the game is to juggle the soccer ball as many times as possible without losing control and letting it hit the ground. The current world high score is 645 but using these cheats you should have a good chance of beating it!

The only current cheat we’ve found for kickerinho is the slow motion hack. This mode allows you to slow the game down to half speed which makes it a lot easier to maintain control of the soccer ball while juggling.  The only problem is it takes twice as long to reach high scores as regular mode.

To activate this kickerinho hack you need to install either the android hack software to your android device or our ios hack tool to an iphone/ipod/ipad.  Once activated you need to use the following cheat code in the input field when playing kickerinho – 29194038

Make sure when you enter the code above you do not add any spaces before or after the numbers, if you do it will not work.

My first attempt at kickerinho with slow mode wasn’t record setting but it’s a lot easier than the regular speed version.


With a little practice there is a good chance you’ll be scoring in the hundreds almost every game.

We are currently trying to see if there are any other cheats we can put into the hack tools for kickerinho. Since the game is so new it might take a couple days but stay tuned as we’ll update the website with the cheats as soon as we get coded and tested.

Let us know what your high scores on kickerinho are! Leave us a comment with both your regular speed high score and your slow motion speed high score!

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Kickerinho Cheats DOWNLOAD links with updater(s)
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