Loy Virtual Pet Game Hack

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Loy Virtual Pet Game Hack for Coins

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Loy Virtual Pet Game Background

Loy is nothing similar to other virtual pets, except for its siblings Moy and Joy. As unique looking as Loy is, the gameplay should not scare anyone away, as it uses a well known virtual pet games formula. Once you are at the main screen, you will be asked to name your pet, or leave it as it is. When you have chosen the name, you will get sent out to take care of your newly hatched Loy.

Probably the first thing you will need to do is to make sure Loy’s needs are fulfilled. These needs are happiness, hunger and sleep. As time passes by, these needs meters will all start to go down. You can access each of these in different rooms of Loy’s house, changing scenery whenever you want to cater to a different need.

Happiness is dealt with in the living room, where it can be restored by playing various minigames with Loy. There are 10 different minigames to play, including collecting falling Loys into buckets, chopping trees, skateboarding, match-3 with blobs or using an umbrella to slowly descent from the sky in the rain. These are just a few examples of the minigames, but no matter which one you play, they always award you coins, depending on how far your got into the current game.

Other than playing games in Loy – Virtual Pet Game, you can also purchase trophies in this room, which will appear behind Loy as decoration. You can even activate the talk-back function in this room, which will make the little blob repeat anything said into the phone.

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The second need, hunger can be taken care of in the kitchen, where you can purchase different ingredients for recipes, then cook the food for Loy. Feeding it to him restores the hunger meter and makes him happier. You can also use the globe button in this same room to check out random Loys from around the world, owned by other players. You can even like these pets using the like button, making other players happy.

📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2

To fulfill the last need, you have to go to the bedroom and make Loy sleep using the lightbulb button. This will slowly restore the sleep meter, without requiring any interaction. You also have the option to go to the forest from this room, using a separate button. On the forest screen you can buy a bird house and upgrade it multiple times to add trees, decorations and birds to it. It’s much like a fish tank, but with birds. Tapping on your birds sometimes also awards a small amount of coins.

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