Mad Zombies Offline Zombie Shooter DUAL MOD Huge amounts of gold/cash

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Needs Root: No
Online Only: Yes/No

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1st Mod Description (OFFLINE ONLY)

So this is my Mod Menu.
NOTE ABOUT THIS MOD: If you use this mod, you will be banned from PVP and World actions for 13 days, and then come back.

[*] 1. One click Button in LEVEL
[*] 2. Huge amounts of gold/cash
[*] 3. Huge amounts of PVP medals
[*] 4. Unlimited energy

2nd Mod Description (WORKS ONLINE AS WELL)

NOTE ABOUT THIS MOD: You have some floating menus, put those to the side where they are not able to get in the way. The Cheats button is almost worthless except for Rank up. Only use the ON SCREEN IN LEVEL menu. Do not use any other button in the Cheats button. One of them resets all progress.

[*] 1. Auto Firing in levels
[*] 2. Turn on bonuses in levels
[*] 3. Instant Win (tap the W on the right side of the screen, works in PVP as well)
[*] 4. Rank Up Button in cheats button

📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2
📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2