Make Them Jump Cheats and Hacks


Make Them Jump Cheats and Hacks

One of the fastest rising games on the itunes app store is make them jump. Make them jump is a really, really simple game but extremely addicting. It was just released on July 25th and is already one of the most downloaded games of July 2014! It was created by KetchApp and looks like a winner.


So first off the basics of the game are really simple, essentially you make a player jump by tapping your screen. The twist is you can control up to 5 different players using your five fingers.  This adds a whole new dimension to the game since you need to multi-task by managing all the different players at one time.




Make Them Jump Strategy Tips:

If you are new to the game the first tip is to get used to the speed and responsiveness of the players by only playing in normal mode which has 2 players.

Normal Mode Cheats:


Personally during the normal (2 player) mode I use both my left and right hand index fingers to touch the screen.  To do this you need to lay the phone flat on something and concentrate on the left index finger playing as the top player and your right index finger managing the bottom player.

Nightmare Mode Cheats:


During nightmare mode the best finger position for myself is to use my left index finger for the top player.  Then use the middle finger on my right hand to control the middle player and my right index finger to control the bottom player.

Hell Mode Cheats:


Finally for hell mode the best way to set yourself up for a high score is to use both hands. The left hand will control the top two players (blue and red) with the middle finger controlling the first player and the index finger controlling the 2nd.

For the right hand you should do the same thing.  The middle finger controlling the green player and the index finger making the guy in the yellow section jump.

Backup links:
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