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Marble Legend Hack for No Ads Unlock

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Marble Legend Background Info

Marble Legend features two modes, adventure and challenge. Adventure mode follows the original ‘invisible’ story of this game. To reach the final treasure you’ll have to go through six different regions, with each region having different number of levels, making a total of one hundred twenty levels which includes some bonus levels too. On the other hand challenge mode contains twelve pages and on each page you’ll find twelve challenges, making a total of one hundred forty-four challenges.

The two modes aren’t much different from each other. In adventure mode, your sole purpose is to shoot off all the balls before they reach inside the head of that vicious looking skeleton. The length of rolling balls is finite in adventure mode, there aren’t any time restrictions nor any minimum score requirements. In challenges, the length of rolling balls is infinite but on the other hand there is time, which you have to survive for, and score requirements which you have to meet to clear a challenge.

The game mechanics are totally simple and almost one to one ratio clone of Zuma but let’s forget this cloning thing for a while. The objective of this game is to eliminate all rolling balls that are visible on the screen, by shooting another ball from an ancient cannon. As this game is a match-three puzzler, balls are destroyed only if the ball being shot results in a color match of three or more balls. These balls moves through a specified path, which is completely visible in initial stages but path starts to go through underground tunnels or even gets hidden by overlapping as the difficulty increases.

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2(two) Download Links Available:
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