Megatramp Hack for Gold

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Megatramp Hack for Gold

Megatramp is a new game. In order to win, you’ll need a lot of gold. It’s not that easy to come by. Download our free Megatramp hack tool now, directly from our website, to easily get gold.

Our Megatramp hack tool is very easy to use. The image below will show you just how simple it is. All you have to do is enter the amount of gold you want. It’s a piece of cake!


Download our Megatramp hack from our site. It takes 30 seconds to download, and another 30 seconds for it to install. Choose Android or iOS. Enter how much gold you want. Then, click the big “start” button.

This will begin the hack. After it’s completed, which will take 30 seconds or less, just open the app on your device. It will run like normal but your gold will be there, ready for you to use it!

Cheats & Tips for Megatramp

One of the biggest flaws to this game, as I mentioned, was going back and forth between tasks just to keep your stats up. This means you hardly have stats to spare when performing tasks that earn you money, and help you progress in the game. So you find yourself struggling to live, and not progressing in the game at all. To get around this, survive until you level up. When you level up, your stats get filled up to the max. Use this opportunity to make money, and keep doing the money tasks until your stats decrease to a drastic level. At that point, keep going back and forth trying to keep afloat until you level up again. Then repeat. This tactic can prove difficult later in the game, but eventually you will have more effective ways of keeping up your stats that does not sacrifice too much from your other stats.


Also, be wary of random events, such as food poisoning or school kids beating you up, which decrease some of your stats out of nowhere. To avoid these things, use the upgraded tactics of raising stats. For example, finding food on the ground will decrease your chance of getting food poisoning, as opposed to digging through the trash for it. Also, upgrades to your character will prevent random acts from coming in as often.

Megatramp Review

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