Metin2 General Cheating

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Metin2 General Cheating Methods Explained
As we all know leveling up in Metin2 is quite a tall tasks and can literally take weeks. So if you are looking to level a new tank warrior or DPS sura to level 99, then you are looking at many, many hours of questing, grinding and killing mobs. – That is the exact reason why the use of bots or automated farming software is quite popular in this game. Bots can literally start game for you, level up your character to maximum level either by questing, farming mobs or both. The main reason for ths bein possible is that the game and especially the navigation within the game is quite simplistic and can easily be handled by a script. Another way of “cheating” in PvP is to use macros or scripts in order to automatically cast abilities, attack and heal quickly. Computers are faster than humans and that can be a huge advantage in player versus player environments. Another way of gaining an unfair advantage is to use hacks which can impact certain game-functions. Hack can allow you to teleport, get slight stat-increases, walk through walls, fly, run faster, automatically loot stuff and so on. Finally you can use exploits. Exploiting is the technique that includes finding a bug in the game and using it to gain an advantage. In the past there have been some quite powerful exploits like item duplication (dupe), money glitches, glitched or bugged mobs that dropped nice loot ect. However, one should never use public exploits, since those are observed by the developers and patched quickly and will put you at risk of getting banned. However, not always will the developers ban exploit users that they know about. It helps to spend some money on the game.




Metin2 Bots and Automated Farming
It’s without a doubt the easiest way to get your characters to level 99 as fast as possible without having to farm manually. Bots are not only able to farm mobs for hours, but also to quest, do horse quests, hunting quests, loot drops, sell items, spend stat points and skill points and so on. In fact, the only thing a bot canot do is PvP. A bot is guided by AI and cannot think creatively and come up with its own solutions to a problem, making it nearly useless in PvP. Even in PvE you must farm mobs that you are able to tank for days in oder for the bot not to die over and over. – Therefore it is recommended that you use some kind of tank (Warrior, Lycan or Sura) with a lot of constitution and HP. The one thing that will slow a bot down significantly is dying and that has to be avoided as far as possible. Usually the bot will farm an area until you reset it and enter another route for it to farm. So a certain amout of supervision is required to level and farm effectively and avoid that bot getting stuck. Please do consider that most of the gold you can get from botting comes from items and do set your software to automatically sell items that are useless. Also important is that you do not run your bot more than 16h per day. Everyone needs sleep and the developers are well aware that a normal human being will not be up 24h per day farming one single area. So if you do not want to risk detection, supervise your bot, rotate the routes you are using and just try to seem natural. Bots can get you to level 99 within around 1 to 2 weeks if used correctly and can farm well over 1 billion within a few days depending on the area you are farming.



📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2


📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2

Metin 2 Hacks – What is really Possible?
As already mentioned, there is no way to achieve a true god mode in Metin2 and there are no money (yang), skill points, stat points of dragon coins hacks. Now you might wonder why. Metin is a online multiplayer game and therefore most of the important data that makes up your account is stored on the game server and not your PC. In single player games this is not the case and you are literally able to edit anything, but since this is an online game, it is entirely impossible to hack things like your health, money or level. However, hacks can slightly raise your stats to a certain cap, they can increase your running speed (speedhack), which is quite useful for questing, hacks can teleport you pretty far and therefore allow you to travel even more quickly and hacks even allow you to dodge enemy attacks automatically which is incredibly effective in player versus player. However, finding such hacks is quite hard, since the game is getting updated constantly and the hacks also need updates in order to be compatible with the game and to be undetected as well. Using hacks is currently the most dangerous thing that you can do and is very likely to get you banned if you do not know exactly what you are doing.

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