Minecraft PE Cheats

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Minecraft PE Cheats:


1. Unlimited Blocks/Items for place and use

2. Inf. Health

3. Player Speed

4. No Fall Damage

5. Heavy Damage

6. Destroy Blocks Instantly

7. Super Items

8. Bigger Stack

9. No Liquid Effect (Water/Lava)

10. Full Brightness under liquid

11. No Explosions Effect

12. No Explosions Effect (Creepers Only)

13. Brighter Flame

14. Spectator Mode

15. No Knockback

16. Mobs Don’t Move

17. Higher Jump




remove any mcpe mod from cydia

install this package and respring


enable hack in the settings

2(two) Download Links Available:
Android & iOS Backup Download

Optimized Minecraft PE Cheats download by running their own INSTALLER, without the need of external software.
2(two) Download Links Available:
For Windows & Mac Android & iOS