Ogame Cheats and Hacks, Ogame Cheats and Hacks

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Important! Please Stop Cheating in this Game
Cheaters in Ogame are starting to endanger the game itself. HackerBot.net is all for cheating if it does not harm the game, however in this case we have to disagree with it. Bots are simply too overpowered in Ogame at the moment and are ruining the fun that many competitive players have with this game. The top players in almost all the universes are bot users at this very moment and players that try to compete without the help of software art at too much of a disadvantage. We urge all our dear users to stop cheating in this particular game. We love games and when cheating starts to hurt the game and it’s developers, we do not turn a blind eye. Please stop using bots in this game, until GameForge can come up with better countermeasures to bring back a certain amount of competition in the game. At least stop farming other players that are not using bots. Thanks.

Ogame Cheats and Hacks

Ogame Bots
Bots are programs that can automatically log into your Ogame account and build buildings, defenses and ships for you. Bots can also farm inactive players automatically, research new technologies and even colonize new planets. Using bots is very powerful in this game, since this success in Ogame very much depends on being online as much as possible and timing everything perfectly. Bots are basically the perfect Ogame players: Being online 24/7, timing everything perfectly and always able to save resources and fleets from enemy attacks. – However running an Ogame bot 24h a day comes with a huge risk: There are certain red flags raised if you are online all the time and your account will sooner or later be reviewed by a game moderator and probably banned. So you might want to limit your bot runtime to max 18h a day to be save.

Using bots in this game is pretty unfair. PvP is an integral and non-optional part of the game and that makes botting a very damaging act, since it gives you a permanent advantage over human players. We urge you not to attack other players if you should decide to use bots in this game in order to not harm the game experience for everyone. Keep in mind that even if you are the best in Ogame, that means nothing if no one is playing the game. – So please use bots with care.

Ogame Cheats and Hacks 2

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Ogame Cheats and Hacks

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