Realm of the Mad God Auto Trade/Merch Bot


Auto Trade/Merch Bot

How It Works

At its core, the bot runs commands one by one. You can add 3 types of commands to the bot: Trade, Store, and Get.


The trade command will an amount of items for another amount of items. It will spam a message that changes to always keep your sign on top. When you receive a trade request, it will automatically accept the trade. When the trade starts if they don’t have the items your looking for, the bot will cancel the trade, but if they do have the items, the bot will trade them normally. Finally when the trade completes, the bot will move on to (if there is) the next command.

Ex. The bot will trade 1 Life for 8 Atk or Def
Ex. The bot will trade 8 Def or Atk for 1 Life


The store command will store an amount of items to a mule account running a client connected to the same K Relay.

Ex. Bot 1 trades 1 Life for 8 Def, stores 1 Def on Bot 2, then he buys 1 Life for 7 Def, then repeats


The get command will get an amount of items from a mule account running a client connected to the same K Relay.

Ex. Bot 1 trades 1 Life for 2 Mana, gets 1 Mana from Bot 2, trades 3 Mana for 2 Life, then stores 1 Life on Bot 3


When adding multiple items to sell, buy, store, or get, the bot treats the items as the same!

<S> 1 Life for 8 Def or Atk
^The def/atk are seen as equal!

<S> 1 Life for 7 Def and 1 Spd
^I don’t advise this because someone could trade you 8 speed pots for your life

The bot uses OR not AND.


If you have any suggestions for new commands just comment them below!

How To Use

The bot GUI is activated with the command “/mb”. This will bring up the GUI to add commands for the bot to follow. The commands should be really simple to fill out.

The “/mb next <amount>” will skip the amount of commands you specify including the current one (“/mb next 1” will go to the next command).

Additionally, there is “/mb stop” to stop the bot, and if you have already filled out the info in the GUI you can use “/mb start” to start it again.

How to install


  • K Relay

Drag the included .dll file into your K Relay plugins folder.


  • Auto Cancel (If they don’t have the items)
  • Multiple item trades (Ex. 1 Life for 8 Def or Atk)
  • Capable of storing items to mules
  • Can get an item from a mule
  • Optional hidden mode
  • Custom Message
  • Save/Load commands
  • Can loop commands
  • Multi-Client support!

Known Bugs

  • Problem with saving custom messages
📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2 📁 EXTERNAL MIRROR
📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2 📁 EXTERNAL MIRROR

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