School of Chaos Online Hack

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School of Chaos Online Hack for VIP Tokens & Lunch Money

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School of Chaos Background

This massively multiplayer online roleplaying game puts the player into a world which is the dream of a lot of young students. Teachers are eaten by zombies and chaos runs amok, everyone is for themselves in this crazy school. Once you registered in the game, you will be entered into the Rest Area, where you will be asked to customize your character. You can makeover your look later on, but it’s costy, so choose wisely!

Once you got your character, you are free to go wherever you wish. The Rest Area is a non-fighting zone, so this is the safe haven, or hub for players. In this area you can find vendors, who are non-player controlled characters. These NPCs are selling weapons and armor, which you will no doubt need to survive. Equipment can also break, requiring you to get a repair kit from the Main Hall of the school.

Outfitting your character is one thing, but what are the goals in School of Chaos Online? Well, there are multiple NPCs in the Rest Area who are glad to give you quests to lead you on your journey. Some of these quests are official ones created by the developers, while others might be quests made by real players. Buying a quest maker kit from vendors allows you to make your own quests as well!

Accepting a quest will add a marker to your map, where you can see which part of the school you need to go to. Quests usually include beating up bullies, zombies or fighting various other characters in the school. You might need to take revenge for a player beaten by bullies, or go to the playground and show evil kids who is the boss.

The school itself is made up of 14 different parts: Rest Area, War Room, Elite Zone, Main Hall, Art Gallery, Gym, Online Area, Playground, Play Room, Washroom, Auditorium, Cafeteria, Bright Hall and the Grand Library. Each of these maps other than the Rest Area are fight zones, where you might be attacked by other players, regardless of level. Of course you can also make friends with these players, but it’s not that easy, when someone is determined to beat you.

To avoid losing to other players in School of Chaos Online, you should complete quests and level up. Leveling works in a way that you have to exchange name tags for level ups. You get these for completing quests, beating bullies and sometimes even other players. More and more name tags are required for reaching higher levels, so you have to keep questing, if you want to stay relevant. As you gain levels, you will also be able to purchase better equipment, which will help you sustain against more hits and deal more damage to others.

The fights themselves work in a very simple way. You just have to move your character in front of your chosen target and tap the attack button. Tapping it once will do a single attack, while tapping it twice will execute a combo attack. Of course enemies might attack back, so for this reason you have the block button. Using this will block enemy attacks, leaving you unharmed. You can even counterattack, if you tap this button right when the enemy launches their weapon at you. Some NPCs in the Rest Area sell new fighting techniques for lunch money, so you might consider buying those to become better at combat.

Since the main focus of School of Chaos Online is

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