Score! World Goals Hack

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Score! World Goals Hack for Football Chips 2016

Score! World Goals uses a currency called football chips. These are very expensive. You can get only 1000 football chips for $1.49. You’ll need a lot more to win at Score! World Goals. Download our free Score! World Goals hack tool to easily and freely get football chips.

It’s very easy to use. Take a look at the image below to see how quick and easy using our Score! World Goals hack tool is. The hack does not require a jailbreak or root to use, no surveys either! Just enter the amount of football chips you want.


Download our Score! World Goals hack from our website. It takes 30 seconds to download. After it downloads, it’ll install. This takes about another 30 seconds. Select Android or iOS. Then, enter how many football chips you would like. No surveys, jailbreaking or rooting required! Click the big, blue “start” button.

This should start the hack. Once completed — don’t worry, it’s very quick! — open the app on your device. It will run normally, but with the added benefit of your extra football chips! Have fun!

About Score! World Goals

You can earn up to three stars for completing a level successfully, with one star being the minimum. The more accurately you recreate the goal, the more stars and points you will receive. When you successfully complete a level, you will also earn one or a few football chips, which is the currency in Score! World Goals. There are many different goal packs in Score! World Goals, which all include goals from different national teams or local football teams. You can only access those goals by purchasing them with your football chips. Once you have unlocked a pack, it will remain always remain unlocked for you.

There are also several power-ups in Score! World Goals, which you can use when you are stuck on a particular level. The first power-up is called Hint, which outlines the next move that you need to make. This will help you to successfully complete the level without making any mistakes. The second power-up is called Golden Shots, which automatically makes your footballs make the next correct move for you. You can use Golden Shots to score a goal as well, with a certainty that you will score. Once you have run out of Hints and Golden Shots, you can purchase more of them in the in-game store.

Score! World Goals In-game store

Score! World Goals Hack

There is only one kind of currency in Score! World Goals, which is in the form of football chips. You can easily obtain football chips by playing the game, successfully scoring goals and completing levels. The amount of football chips that you earn is minimal, which means that you have to play Score! World Goals for a long time, if you want to save up a lot of the football chips. You can use football chips to purchase new goal packages such as the International Goals Brazil 2014 Goal Pack and the European Club Goals 13/14 Goal Pack.

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