Stupid Zombies 3 v2.12 (MOD Unlimited Gold Bars)

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The awesome gameplay of casual zombie shooter is available once again with the latest installment of the series. Have fun with Stupid Zombies 3 v2.12 (MOD Unlimited Gold Bars) as you take on your ultimate zombie shooter challenges with hundreds of interesting levels. And like the two previous successes with Stupid Zombies 2 & 1, Android gamers in Stupid Zombies 3 can have fun with the unique and refreshing tactical gameplay of zombie shooter throughout the new and extra interesting levels.

Dive into the endless gameplay of zombie shooter with awesome mechanics and level setups. Takedown the nasty and stupid zombies to advance on your path and bring peace to mankind. Enjoy awesome actions and exhilarating moments as you interact with the goofy zombies. Create awesome and legendary plays so you can effectively deal with the nasty enemies.

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Stupid Zombies 3 v2.12 (MOD Unlimited Gold Bars) Story

In the game, Android gamers will find themselves playing as a daring gunman who finds himself surrounded by the nasty yet stupid zombies as the world’s reaching its final apocalypse. With more and more people being infected by the zombies and find themselves being turned into these mindless creatures, gamers must fight his way out of the situation and unlock interesting powers at the same time.

Explore and experience the unique gameplay of zombie shooter in this interesting mobile title of Stupid Zombies 3 as you find yourself engaging with the enemies in exciting tactical battles. That being said, the game lets you perform your incredible shots with limited ammo and unique level setups. Make sure that you defeat as many enemies as you can by making uses of the terrains and the bouncing bullets.

Calculate your shots and take advantage of the surrounding objects so you may advance through the awesome gameplay of Stupid Zombies 3. Unlock interesting rewards and enjoy the game with many interesting features.

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Stupid Zombies 3 v2.12 (MOD Unlimited Gold Bars) Features

Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Simple yet extremely addictive gameplay of zombie shooter

To start with, Android gamers in Stupid Zombies 3 will find themselves enjoying the simple yet extremely addictive gameplay of zombie shooters. That’s said, you can easily get familiar with the game thanks to the aimed gunshots that will show you the actual directions of the bullets. This makes it extremely easy for gamers to accurately make their shoots toward the zombies. Moreover, the simple touch controls and 2d side-scrolling gameplay will also make the levels a lot more intuitive. Make your shots with simple controls and unlock exciting tactical experiences with the game as you progress. It might look easy and boring, but the game will get more and more addictive as you progress.

Enjoy the tactical shooter levels with interesting setups

And speaking of the tactical shooter gameplay, Stupid Zombies 3 introduces Android gamers to the unique and refreshing mechanics that would allow you to enjoy the in-game levels to the fullest. That’s said, you can enjoy many interesting mechanics as you dive into the awesome in-game experiences.

Start by making uses of the bouncing bullets to make your exciting bank shots against the zombies. The directed aims will help to guide your bullets in the right directions and advance through the in-game levels. Take advantages of the level setups and even obstacles to cleverly and brilliantly make your way through the challenges.

And last but not least, surrounding you there will be dozens of exploitable items, which can be used against the enemies. That’s said, you can either blow up the zombies with your gas container, slice them into halves with the falling blades, or even crush them with the weighted objects in the game.

Stupid Zombies 3 screenshot 1

Multiple weapons for you to make uses of

For those of you who’re interested, Stupid Zombies 3 also offers multiple weapons for you to pick up and make uses of. Here, you can enjoy unique shots with different effects from the Trusty Shotguns, the Fiery Flare Gun, the RPG Launcher, and the Baseball Bomber. Enjoy unique features of these weapons and uses them against your enemies as you effectively defeat them with your incredible shots.

Enjoy the game with interesting levels

In addition, to make the game more interesting, gamers in Stupid Zombies 3 will also have their chances to take on more than 200 brain-busting levels with awesome and unique setups. Here, you can take on multiple enemies in multiple scenarios and make uses of the available items to have your own ways of defeating them.

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