The Battle Cats Hack Cheat

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Battle Cats is a tower defence game by Ponos in which the player defends their tower against an oncoming horde of enemies using a variety of battle cat units. The aim of each level is to destroy the enemy’s tower whilst defending your own. This is achieved through careful selection of the units that you build, how you upgrade your units and tower, and how you use special abilities.

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The Battle Cats Hack Cheat

Battle cat units come in many different forms each with their own unique uses. For example tank cat is useful for soaking up damage and bird cat is useful for hitting multiple enemies.Then you have the special cats which are the more powerful units used in the game. These special cats will help in the later stages of the game, and some come with special abilities that can be used to help turn the tide of an enemy advance. There is a section below that goes into more detail about the units available.Creator’s Summary: Adorable kitties go wild all over the world! Here’s your chance to raise and play with them for free!

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The Battle Cats Hack Cheat Tool:


Battle Cats Hack will give you unlimited Cat Food and Energy. Now you don’t need to pay for resources because you can use these Cheats for Battle Cats. These are the Hack And Cheat Codes. To Hack Battle Cats you don’t need to have rooted device. Also to use Battle Cats Cheats you don’t need to download any Battle Cats mod apk. These Cheats for Battle Cats works fine on all Android, iOS and also Windows Phone devices. Also this Battle Cats Hack is very easy to use – you need just enter a Cheat Code in your game and you will get 99999 Cat Food and Energy. If you see that you need more than 99999 Cat Food and Energy you can enter these Cheats many times. If you use our Battle Cats Hack in first time and you don’t know where to enter these Cheats.


Game Details:

  • Price: Free to play the entire game.
  • Adverts: There are in-game adverts that are only shown in the title screen.
  • The Catch: Although battle cats is completely free to play, it has an energy system in place that aims to promote players buying in-app items. The energy system works as follows:


– You have an energy bar that decreases as you play a stage (level).

If you run out of energy, you have to wait for the energy to recharge before you can play another stage.

– Energy recharges at 1 energy per real world minute. The energy bar goes up to 100.

– If you have 0 energy, it will take 100 minutes to fully recharge.

– Later stages have a higher energy cost.

– Stage 1 costs 5 energy, stage 6 costs 10 energy, stage 7 costs 16 energy etc.

– Energy can be fully replenished by using 30 cat food.



  • Battle Cats Mod APK with Unlimited Money
  • Easy&fun raising system
  • Clear stages to get XP.
  • Tap cat to upgrade the level!
  • Their form will be changed at level 10.
  • Fun things in Battle Cats
  • Find treasures all over the world.
  • Gross,but somehow lovely characters.
  • Special cats are even cuter!

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