The Secret World Hacks

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The Secret World Farming Bots
If all you want is to farm either experience in order to get more skill points and level up your abilities or to farm massive amounts of money (Pax Romana) in order to buy the best gear, then you might want to try running farming bots. Farming bots are programs that will take control of your TSW character and will farm mobs, quests or even dungeons automatically. Very advanced bots are even able to complete quests and can level up your character even more efficiently. Bots are also especially good at farming region specific tokens used to buy special gear. However, bots are not able to handle any situations. For example in PvP, a human mind is required in order to farm effectively and compete against other people. Bots are exclusively used to grind parts of the game that do not require any creative thinking.

Usually using bots is quite safe, if done right. The good thing about most farming bots is that they are undetectable, since they do not change any code in the game client. The only way you can get banned by using bots is if you do not configure them correctly and the end up getting stuck. If your bot gets stuck, people will notice that you are a bot and will probably report you sooner or later, resulting in an account ban. So always make sure your bot seems natural and does not get stuck.

the secret world bots

The Secret World Hacks
Hacks are code that is injected into the game client in order to change how it works and add functions to it. Hacks in the Secret World can do a bunch of things: They can allow you to fly, to walk through walls, not get debuffed, run faster, teleport,  display items, players and enemies and a lot more. Hacks are not too useful in the PvE or TSW, but quite useful in PvP. However, you will want to use these cheats with caution, since people can tell if you are cheating and will want to report you. Using hacks is always a risk, since they can be detected or reported quite easily. I usually do not recommend using any hacks in MMORPGs, but if you really want that competitive edge in PvP, then you might want to go for it. Just make sure that the hack you are using is up to date and undetected, before using it.

the secret world hacks

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Pax Romana (Money), Unlimited Health (God Mode) and Funcom Points Hacks / Generators

📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2

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