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TMQfEL Cheats
There are multiple ways to cheat in The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. On one hand we have hacks that can help us to complete enemy castles a lot faster by showing us the castle layouts, letting us walk through walls and do other things that would normally not be possible. On the other hand we have bots that can automatically farm NPC and player castles to make us a lot of Life Force, Gold and Blings. Obviously cheating is very much frowned upon and you can very much get banned for cheating in TMQfEL, so be careful no matter how you are trying to cheat in this awesome game.

The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot Cheats

Bots are basically programs that will take control of your game and play for you in order to automatically perform certain actions for you. Bots are mostly used to get around the grindy aspects of online games that simply take more time than they are worth. Bots in The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot are especially useful when it comes to farming Life Force, Money and Blings. Since you will still be getting rewards, even if you complete a castle very slowly, it is easy to have a bot farm low level castles quite successfully and earn you some serious resources. When using bots in TMQfEL you should aways make sure to upgrade your gold and lf chests to the max, so that you can store as many resources as possible.

The downside to using bots is that they can easily get stuck in castles with very elaborate trap setups and that is why you need to either go for NPC castles or low level castles if you don’t want to lose a significant amount of crowns. Bots can handle a lot of situations, but when it comes to dodging elaborate traps, the human mind is a lot more efficient than any AI. So prepare to loose a lot of crowns when botting in this game.

The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot Bots

TMQfEL Hacks
On the higher levels of play in TMQfEL hacks can be very advantageous. Hacks can help you to complete maps a lot faster than the average player, since they can enable you to do a lot of things normal players simply are not able to do. Hacks are injecting code into your game in order to add or change functionality in the game. Map hacks for example are very useful, since they allow you to see a map of the whole castle you are trying to farm and let you find the best path to the heart of the castle and the loot you are trying to get your hands on. This kind of hack can double your farming efficiency. There are also other hacks like noclip hacks or wallhacks that allow you to walk through walls. When using these more obvious kinds of cheats, one should keep in mind that enemy players can watch replays of you castle runs and if they see you using wallhacks of flying hacks, then the chances of them reporting you are quite high. Also considering that with the replay footage the got proof of you hacking, it is advisable not to use this at higher levels for obvious reasons. Any serious player seeing you cheating while looting his/her castle will certainly report you.

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The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot Hacks

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