UC Browser Mini 12.12 (MOD AD Free)

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If there’s one thing that I’m sure about after using probably every flavours of browser there are to taste – both on mobile devices and out – is that the pursuit of a good browser is never really over. Granted, most people seem to settle for the big names out there such as Chrome and Firefox, and I would be lying if I were to tell them that their choices were made poorly. But on mobile devices such as an Android, however, there are surely better options out there that could provide more power for the storage space and the time you would be spending on it.

Once again, if you immediately think of Chrome or Firefox on mobile and would be seated by your position firmly: Go ahead. But as someone who has used both of the above, I know for a fact that after a while, they tend to get extremely resource, as well as storage hungry and can bog down your phone unlike any others. Yet the majority of the processes and plugins that created these problems are nonessential. In other word, normally you would not at all need the things that these browsers turned up and slowly strangled your phone.

UC Browser Mini (MOD AD Free)

While this problem can only be a bit uncomfortable for people with fast and powerful phones. This is downright unacceptable for those stuck with more budget options and lower specs handsets. This condition when left ‘untreated’ can soon turn your phone into a pocket sized frustration when it loads for minutes on end when you need to do something immediate such as checking your e-mail.

All because of the browser.

Well, UC Browser found that rather unacceptable, so they’ve introduced Mini into the mix.

If you often log into CH Play to find apps, chances are, you would’ve already known UC Browser Mini. After all, it is among the most popular apps currently available with over seventeen million of unique downloads currently recorded. Furthermore, UC Browser is also many years chart topper. That’s saying quite a lot about this relatively unknown (Outside of mobile devices) browser and its capabilities: There’s a lot of things about it that delighted quite a lot of people here.

UC Browser Mini screenshot

And with this version of UC Browser: The Mini. You’re promised to have all of that in a small, compact package that’s promised to not annex and hold your phone’s storage hostage. If you have a phone with low storage capacity, this is your chance for a change – I would know, because I have one. And I’ve also taken upon myself to test this out.

The first thing that I noticed were the ads.

Well, the ads were quite literally everywhere, and it was getting onto my nerves. Every time I load up a page, there seems to be an ad waiting for me. Despite the promise right in the description for the browser that there’s an integrated ad blocker that would protect my browsing experience from this kind of thing. Well, as you can see, it still persists, and it is bad.

For some, this is already a deal-breaker. I can’t really imagine having to search something up for work and having to wait for a 30 second ad to be over, either. But I’ve heard that before a major update in the past, things were quite good. And who knows, maybe this is a separated incident. There could be a little less, or none at all ads on your phone. It could be that the ad blocker on my device malfunctioned or whatever was the case. But be warned that this is a real occurrence you could face while using the browser.

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