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Download Wi-Fi Hacker For Android

Tired of searching Working WiFi Hacker over the internet ? Yes you might had completely wasted your time in trying out the worthless shit tools . Now its time to Download the real working WiFi hacker . You heard right , this is completely a new version of WiFi hacker designed by (R*NNe) Russian troop of hackers, who spent 24 Sleepless nights to produce this WPA-2 PSK, WPA, WEP encrypted all in one WiFi Password cracker which perfectly works on your Android Mobile phone or Tablet .But to our shock this tool was designed in mid 2014 itself, but for security reasons they had made in confidential. Anyway this is a leak , they sold the each copy at the price of 2k$ . This is the reason why the software doesn’t came out since many months. Finally somehow tool got leaked in one of the blackhat forum. And now we are presenting this tool for you. But its not for free , you need to complete a survey to download the tool. This is the only way to prevent the tool from spammers. If we release this as free version , they might stop the updates .

How WiFi Hacker Works On Android

Android WiFi hacker is programmed in python combined with the algorithmic  patterns involved in Kali Linux, Reaver (Tools used to hack wifi networks On PC)  .  Aircrack-NG was officially involved in making algorithm for this android wifi hack tool . There are two levels involved in finding Wifi password of protected network.

  • WPS Secured Pin Cracking
  • Password Breaking

WPS Cracking is very easy process usually cracks any encrypted WiFi router under 20-10 minutes . And gives you the  output PIN very instant . Password breaking is brute force attack and we cannot predict the estimated time might be an hour or two sometimes 6 even.  First it will display the hash key, and then decry-pt the hash into password. There is one flaw in this android wifi hacker , it can’t break the multiple secured layered patterns which were mainly used in GOV (Nasa) and Private Network Stations ( An Workstation WiFi i.e Company Wifi). But i can guarantee that it works pretty well to hack your neighbors internet connections 😛

wifi hacker for android
Backtrack Algorithm Combination with Android Wifi Hacker

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Optimized Wi-Fi Hacker For Android download by running their own INSTALLER, without the need of external software.
2(two) Download Links Available:
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