Zombie Age 2 Hack

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Zombie Age 2 Hack for Coins & Cash

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Zombie Age 2 Background

The gameplay starts with one of the lamest intros I have ever seen! But graphically Zombie age 2 leaves a good mark by using cell shaded artwork which gives overall comic look to the game. Intro is followed by a small tutorial which tells about the controls. There is analog stick on the left side of the screen and two buttons on the right side. Analog stick will be used to move the character both horizontally and vertically exactly like Final Fight even the character changes its face’s direction in the same way. Extreme right side button is used to pull out and shoot gun while the remaining one is for melee weapon. Of course gun is more powerful as compared to melee attack but the catch here is that melee will move the zombie away from you too.

There are a total of seven regions affected by zombies and each region contain seven further divisions or we can say area based missions. Almost all missions are more like a run, you have to survive and reach other end of the stage so a helicopter can take you away and some of them might even involve you to defend something, for example, helicopter or even grandpa, that’s not all each mission also have three tasks, for example, finish mission within thirty seconds or finish with more than seventy percent health, and completing one task will give you one star making a total of three per mission. You don’t have to complete these tasks to unlock the next mission but unlocking a region requires specific number of stars, for example, you’ll need nine stars to unlock China Townand one hundred twenty to unlock New Hope which is the last region.

Zombies will spawn from both sides, you aren’t supposed to let them come close otherwise it doesn’t really matter if you are shooting at them or not they will hurt you. As you’ll reach higher level missions you’ll meet new, quicker and deadlier zombies. There isn’t any limit to zombies in any mission they are countless!!! All you have to do is complete your target and fly away, and if you stay on a mission and keep zombies engaged for a long time, they will grow stronger. Again just like Final Fight you’ll find different dropouts and obstacles on the road, breaking few of them will result in a blast killing nearby zombies and rest will give you coins, ammo or powerups, and some can even be empty.

Whenever a zombie dies it leaves coins and gives experience points, and if you don’t collect these coins or any item which appears after breaking obstacles, they will disappear after a while. Experience points are required to level up character. Leveling up replenishes the health and increases maximum health too. Your current level and experience points required to attain the next one is mentioned in the middle of main menu screen. Whenever you’ll clear a level, based on your performance, you’ll get coins and experience points as reward.

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